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Regulation of fintech in Gibraltar


Supervisory construction

GFSC is the main fintech business regulator of Gibraltar. This organization authorizes the following activities by issuing licenses for the companies:

  • Investment activities’ organization in Gibraltar
  • Being principals or agents and performing investment activities
  • Providing investment-related advice in Gibraltar
  • Lending
  • Accepting deposits
  • Conducting payment-related services.

In Gibraltar, there are several laws that regulate consumer lending. For example, mortgage loans and their provision are controlled by the legislation of the EU.

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Collective investment schemes

All the CIFs in Gibraltar are regulated by the law called the Financial Services Act issued in 2011.

Alternative investment funds

In Gibraltar, most of the funds include AIFs or funds owned privately (no public ownership allowed, only 50 investors). The legislative act dedicated to regulating investment advisors and managing CIS is called AIFMD Directive. The local regulations needed to undergo certain amendments in order to accommodate AIFMD conditions.

Crowdfunding regulation

There is no specified legislative framework for crowdfunding in Gibraltar. For now, MiFID mostly relies on particular provisions stated in the local legislation.

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Payment-related services

The payment services regulations adopted in 2018 includes the 2ND Payment Services Directive. This piece of legislation governs all financial and payment-related services.

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Selling insurance products

Fintech companies that engage in selling insurance products are regulated by the same laws as companies selling traditional insurance products.

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Protection of data

Gibraltar has identically data protection legislation, just like the EU does.

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