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Company registration in Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is a city-state situated across 63 islands in Southeast Asia. Since gaining independence in 1965, the country has experienced robust economic development, leading to steadily increasing welfare among its residents. The official currency in this country is the Singapore dollar.

Singapore thrives within a stable market economy, boasting one of the highest per capita GDPs in the world. The nation offers a favourable investment climate with minimal corruption, consistently earning top rankings in economic freedom and ease of doing business indices. The local economy is primarily driven by the financial services sector, shipbuilding, and electronics manufacturing, with a growing emphasis on the development of the IT sector by the state.


Singapore is a prestigious jurisdiction, attracting many large corporations to establish their offices or consider opening them here. Additionally, registering a company in this country offers other advantages, including:

  • favourable tax conditions, with companies exempt from corporate tax if they conduct commercial activities outside the jurisdiction. For others, corporate tax ranges from 8.5% to 17%;
  • stable political and economic situation;
  • lack of exchange control and audit requirements for companies with an annual turnover of no more than 5,000,000 Singapore dollars;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • favourable business environment, with opportunities for online interaction with government officials;
  • excellent living conditions.


Under Singaporean legislation, foreign businessmen can register enterprises of any organisational and legal form in the country. However, the following options are considered the most practical:

  • Pte Ltd — a private limited company. It can be registered by a single individual, with a maximum of 50 shareholders. Management must be overseen by a minimum of two directors, one of whom must be a resident of Singapore.
  • PLC — a public limited liability company. Registration requires at least two founders, with a maximum of 50 shareholders.
  • LLP — limited liability partnership. Registration necessitates a minimum of two partners, with a maximum of 20 partners. LLPs in Singapore are characterised by perpetual succession, allowing partners to change without threatening the company’s existence.


The process of registering a company in Singapore is relatively straightforward. Initially, founders must select and reserve an original company name through ACRA. Subsequently, the charter needs to be prepared, along with gathering necessary information about the company’s directors, followed by submitting documents to ACRA for registration. Typically, the entire process takes no more than 2–3 weeks.

It is important to note that Singapore does not impose specific requirements for the size of authorised capital, neither minimum nor maximum. Additionally, there are no demands regarding the storage location of the company’s constituent documents. However, in Singapore, the personal data of non-resident founders must be included in a public register. Nevertheless, it is possible to maintain privacy by engaging nominal shareholders and directors in the company registration process.

By engaging with COREDO, you can ease the challenges associated with document preparation and company registration in Singapore. This process will proceed as efficiently as possible, ensuring a successful outcome with our assistance.


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