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Legal outsourcing

COREDO is an expert in legal advice. With our extensive client base and experience, we provide ongoing advice and offer comprehensive solutions in various fields of law. Our lawyers are always able to give an objective assessment on the incoming request in accordance with the law of any EU and non-EU country.

Outsourcing legal services

Unlike a full-time employee who may go on holiday or get sick at any time, we have a team of interchangeable staff ready to provide any legal advice and support as soon as you need it. You will not need to find a temporary or permanent replacement for your employee in any unforeseen situation.

Instead of one lawyer, you can get a full-fledged department with a whole team of specialists! Outsourcing legal services allows you to focus on exactly what matters to you!

Legal outsourcing

As part of outsourcing, we provide:


Drafting a contract is a procedure that requires not only the professional knowledge of a lawyer but also experience. Legally competent contract drafting can help prevent most disputes between parties to a contract that arise due to errors, defects and conflicts in contracts. It is very important to fully settle the legal relationship between the parties to the contract, which involves agreeing not only on the essential terms and conditions but also forecasting the possible negative consequences for the parties and finding an amicable solution to a possible dispute.


COREDO provides consulting services on any issues in the field of financial and corporate law. Our highly qualified specialists, non-trivial thinking together with in-depth knowledge will help you analyse the situation quickly and deeply. The aim of our consultancy is to find the right solution and extract the maximum benefit for the client from it.


Legal Opinion is an opinion enabling our clients to obtain a qualified legal opinion on a wide range of legal issues, including transactions, licences of financial institutions, payment systems, etc. Thanks to the legal opinion, the client first of all obtains certainty of his actions, thus reducing the risk of future financial losses due to violation of the law. The opinion will contain recommendations for changing the terms and conditions of the agreement, references to specific legal provisions, indications of provisions of the agreement that may adversely affect the client.

See the tables below for COREDO’s pricing policy

Monthly Subscription

Number of hours The price of the services package – EUR Additional hour EUR
Basic 5 hours 550 EUR 110 EUR
Basic+ 10 hours 1000 EUR 100 EUR
Standard 20 hours 1800 EUR 90 EUR
Standard+ 40 hours 3200 EUR 80 EUR
Premium 80 hours 5600 EUR 70 EUR
Premium+ 160 hours 9600 EUR 60 EUR


One-off services

Number of hours Price per 1 hour – EUR
Basic Up to 5 hours 130 EUR
Standard 20+ hours 100 EUR
Premium 80+ hours 80 EUR

*Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Why is it better to use our services than to hire an in-house lawyer?


1. You involve experienced lawyers.

Our team is made up of first-class specialists who work with clients from all over the world on an ongoing basis. As a result, we have tremendous experience in dealing with legislation, taking into account all the periodic changes in it and dealing with requests of any size.

Moreover, thanks to international cooperation, our team studies international jurisprudence and regularly monitors legislative updates.


2. There is no concept of holidays and sick leave for us.

We have several interchangeable members of staff in our team, so you can always get prompt legal advice and support in any situation. With a member of staff who can go on sick leave or holiday at any time, you won’t have that reassurance.


3. You will seriously save time, money and resources.

We offer you ready-to-use solutions for setting up and running a legal entity. You will save time on drafting internal regulations, setting up an in-house lawyer system, and monitoring his/her efficiency. On this basis, you will save money, because the elimination of the previously listed tasks leads, among other things, to a reduction of the total payroll, as well as lower social security and taxation costs.

4. One head is good, but two is better.

Our team consists of several specialists, each with their own individual skills and abilities. As practice shows, it is very difficult to find a person with several unique characteristics at once, and even more difficult to retain them as staff.


5. Increasing the efficiency of your core business activities.

By delegating legal responsibilities to us, you can redirect your attention and resources to improving your services and growing your business.


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