Legal entities support - COREDO

Legal entities support

COREDO provides a wide range of services to legal entities, in particular:

  1. Registration of a legal entity in the chosen jurisdiction;
  2. Preparation of the primary constituent documentation for a company;
  3. Opening bank accounts in the EU;
  4. Full legal outsourcing;
  5. Assistance in choosing an optimal organizational form of a company;
  6. Other services at the request of the client.
Legal entities support

Legal outsourcing is a type of legal service provided by our Company, which involves full (or partial) outsourcing of the functions of the legal service of the organization.

As part of a full legal outsourcing, the Company provides the following services:

  1. Providing oral and written consultations on the application of the current legislation of various jurisdictions.
  2.  Preparation of expert opinions on legal issues.
  3. Development of contracts, agreements and related documents, constituent documents, regulations and instructions, letters, certificates and other documents.
  4. Legal support for the conclusion, execution and termination of contracts.
  5. Implementation of the legal expertise (due diligence verification) of the submitted documents.
  6. Representation of the client’s interests in relations with state bodies, departments and organizations, officials, legal entities and individuals, including during negotiations and inspections.
  7. Information support of the client’s activities (regulatory materials, reference information) and other actions related to legal support.

Our goal is to develop optimal solutions that ensure the achievement of business goals and reduce the legal risks of the client.


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