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With the help of our experts you can open bank accounts to fulfill the various needs of a legal person quickly and easily. We take care of preparing a document package in accordance with all applicable laws and registration with a suitable bank.


Our company provides extensive services in the field of financial licensing. Many years of experience in this area earned us a place in the international arena and allowed us to obtain financial licenses as well as to provide other payment solutions swiftly and effectively. Purchasing financial licenses is now easy.

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The development of AML / CFT policies is one of the fundamental tasks for financial companies. Our team of professionals provides comprehensive internal and external services for businesses in this field.

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Our legal department consists of specialists in the fields of European law and FinTech. Our company is ready to provide comprehensive legal services for your projects and take care of all legal issues.


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COREDO’s clients are manufacturers, traders and financial companies, as well as wealthy clients from European and CIS countries.

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In the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) has become one of the most important and innovative concepts in the blockchain world. It is an organisation where governance and decision-making occur based on smart contracts and voting by members (token holders). Nevertheless, in order to successfully launch and allure investors to a DAO project, one of the pivotal documents required is the White Paper.

What is a White Paper for DAO?

The White Paper is a presentation document that describes in detail the DAO project’s concept, goals, strategy and technological features. It is a business plan that helps potential investors and members understand the uniqueness of the project, its goals, and how it will be realised.

Why compile a White Paper for DAO?

White Paper for DAO COREDO

  • Attracting potential investors. White Paper serves as a powerful auxiliary tool for attracting investments. Potential investors pay attention to a detailed description of the project, its prospects and development plans, which makes the project more transparent and attractive for financing.
  • Establishing trust. The White Paper demonstrates transparency and provides a thorough understanding of the project. This helps to establish trust both among investors, who can fully understand all the nuances of the project that interest them, and on the part of the registration authority, which sees all the organisational details of the project and its clear and honest intentions in the planned activities, which can have a positive impact on the registration procedure.
  • Definition of Objectives and Strategies. The White Paper details the project’s objectives, strategies, and steps to achieve them. This allows all participants to clearly understand what outcomes to expect and how the project will be implemented.
  • Informed decision-making. DAO participants, including token holders, can make informed decisions based on the contents of the White Paper. They can assess the project’s risks and potential, contributing to more informed and effective decisions.

What should a White Paper for a DAO include?

To create an informative and persuasive White Paper, it is recommended to include the following sections:

  1. Introduction
    • Purpose and overview. A brief introduction to the project, its objectives and general concept.
  1. Description of the project structure
    • Product/service description. Detailed description of technological solutions and products offered by the project.
    • Description of principles. Detailed description of the underlying principles on which the project will be built.
  1. Tokenomics
    • Token Architecture. Description of the token or cryptocurrency used in the DAO system and its functionality, enumeration of its advantages and description of its security mechanisms.
    • Token distribution. Information on how tokens (shares) will be distributed among various members (token holders).
    • Explanation of the technological aspects and techniques used.
    • Capitalisation. An explanation of how the value of a token will increase and what mechanisms ensure its stability.
  1. Governance
    • Description of governing/executive bodies and departments in the DAO structure, their functions, number of participants in this or that internal unit, their rights and responsibilities.
  1. Voting and decision-making
    • A description of the voting system and participant participation in project management.
    • Role of participants. Explanation of token holders’ roles and how they can influence internal decisions.
  1. Partners
    • Partners and advisors. Mention of external partners or advisors who support the project and/or provide the legal basis for any additional transactions/legal actions.
  1. Risks and responses
    • Risk map. Identification of possible risks associated with the project.
    • Plans to minimise the risks. A description of the steps that will be taken to manage the risks.
  1. Roadmap
    • Plans and strategy. A description of the steps the project intends to take in the future to achieve its objectives.
  1. Conclusion
    • General summary. A brief recap of the key points and factors that allow potential investors to be convinced of the success of the project.
  1. Communication and contacts
    • Contact Information. An indication of how to contact the project team and support.

The DAO White Paper is, therefore, an integral part of launching and successfully developing a project. It provides all the necessary information for potential investors and members, helping them to understand what the project is about and what opportunities it can offer. This is why a White Paper is an essential step on the way to creating a successful and sustainable DAO. Its quality and informative content will help attract support and investment in your decentralised autonomous organisation.

The text above is provided for information purposes only and shall not be deemed legal advice or opinion whatsoever. To provide additional information, please contact us by phone: +420 228 886 867 or via e-mail:

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The cryptocurrency industry is steadily growing and developing in the Czech Republic, with an increasing number of companies providing virtual asset-related services entering the market annually. However, as the industry expands, the legal regulation of such companies becomes more complex and challenging, and cryptocurrency companies are face new tasks and challenges, particularly legal.

Compliance with various legal requirements of the Czech and European Union legal systems is among the most significant challenges for cryptocurrency companies. Such requirements include, among others, company registration in the commercial register, obtaining appropriate authorizations for providing virtual asset-related services, and ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.

Given the diversity and multitude of legal issues, cryptocurrency companies face while operating, the services of our firm, specialising in legal support and services for such companies, can be of invaluable assistance.

We offer a wide range of services, including cryptocurrency companies registration with the Czech Commercial Register, assistance with anti-money laundering requirements and obtaining the necessary authorisations to operate legally in the country, and drafting terms and conditions, as well as other rules and policies for the use of virtual asset-related services. Additionally, our services include analysing legislation and preparing legal opinions based on it, as well as drafting corporate and other legal documentation of the company.

Company registration

One of the initial steps in establishing a cryptocurrency company in the Czech Republic is registering it with the Commercial Register. The process of starting a company can be rather time-consuming, and it is crucial to ensure that all the necessary documents are correctly filled out and submitted for registration. We can guide you through this process and ensure that all documents are completed and submitted accurately.

Obtaining permits and authorisations

The next step after registering a company is obtaining the relevant authorisations to provide virtual asset-related services. The legal regulation of this activity in the Czech Republic is quite complex and comprehensive. Ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering requirements and obtaining the necessary permits and authorisations to operate legally are mandatory. We will advise you on the applicable requirements and assist in obtaining the necessary authorisations.

Drafting Terms & Conditions

Another crucial aspect for cryptocurrency companies operating in the Czech Republic is having appropriate terms and conditions for the use of the company’s services, which must be published on the company’s website. These terms of use, along with other company’s rules and policies, such as privacy and cookie policies, are necessary not only to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the company, but also to ensure that users clearly understand the terms governing the use of the cryptocurrency company’s services. In turn, this includes the need to respect consumer’s rights, as well as adhering the requirements regarding the processing of their personal data, which is highly regulated within the European Union.

We have considerable experience in dealing with such documents and can draft them for you in the shortest possible time, allowing you to start your activities promptly.

Our meticulous approach to every task, particularly to detail understanding of your business model, allows us to accurately reflect it in the documents we draft, ensuring maximum protection of your company’s interests.

Legislative analysis and legal opinions

The field of virtual asset-related services is not only well-regulated, but also constantly evolving. As a result, cryptocurrency companies often encounter various legal issues, that are crucial for their successful operation and development. With our extensive experience and highly professional staff, we can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the Czech legislation issues, relevant to your interests, and prepare the appropriate legal opinions to ensure that the company’s activities comply with the current regulatory requirements.

In conclusion, the Czech Republic offers great opportunities for cryptocurrency companies, however, providing services in the field of virtual assets involves certain legal complexities that can be resolved with specialised assistance. Our team of highly qualified professionals specialises in legal support for cryptocurrency companies and has extensive experience not only in the Czech Republic, but also globally in other EU countries and CIS countries. We will be happy to assist you with these issues.


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