Foreign exchange license - COREDO

Foreign exchange license in the Czech Republic

An exchange office registered in the Czech Republic has the right to carry out

  •  currency exchange in cash,
  • exchange of non-cash or electronic money denominated in a certain currency into cash denominated in another currency. Note: this operation is possible provided that the payer (customer of the exchanger) has given a payment order to transfer such funds through the exchanger.


Terms, cost and timing:

Time frame: Approximately 1 to 3 months.

Price: 6500 EUR + VAT.  Note: The price may vary depending on the specific case.

What services are included?

  • assistance in obtaining a qualified electronic certificate for the applicant,
  • registration of the applicant with the Czech National Bank system,
  • an audit of the documentation provided by the applicant – if necessary, recommendations for correction,
  • preparing an application and submitting it to the Czech National Bank,
  • subsequent communication with the Czech National Bank on additional requests, if any,
  • registration of a legal entity in the Czech Republic.
What services are included?

What services are not included

  • payment of state fees,
  • creating internal regulations,
  • document translations.
What services are not included

What is the order of our work:

1) Pre-payment (50%).

  • Obtaining a qualified electronic certificate and registering with the Czech National Bank system.
  • Collection of data on the applicant and the persons involved.
  • Submission of the necessary documents to the Czech National Bank.

Timeline: Approximately 1-2 weeks. Note: The timeframe for applying for a license depends on the speed of information exchange between us.

2) Payment upon application to the Czech National Bank (30%).

As soon as we have submitted all the necessary documents to the Czech National Bank, we will immediately provide you with confirmation that the application has been submitted for consideration.

The processing of documents is directly dependent on the workload of the Czech National Bank’s desk officers.

Time frame: Approximately 1 to 2 months.

3) Payment upon receipt of license confirmation (20%).

This payment will need to be made once we have provided you with an official document confirming that the applicant has obtained an exchange license in the Czech Republic.

What are the requirements for the applicant, directors, beneficiaries

In order to obtain an exchange license in the Czech Republic, the following persons must be assessed for their trustworthiness and integrity:

  •  complainant,
  • managers (supervisors),
  • beneficial owner.

1) bona fides are confirmed by a certificate of a criminal record for each of the above-listed persons (from the country of which the person is a citizen and from the country where the person has resided for more than 6 months in the last 3 years),

2) the trustworthiness of persons is confirmed by information on the person’s professional and business reputation over the last 10 years and concerns, inter alia:

a. a final decision imposing a penalty for an administrative offence or a comparable foreign decision related to the performance of a person’s work, function or business activity;
b. a final decision on bankruptcy or the rejection of an insolvency petition due to a lack of assets of such a person;
c. decisions to suspend or revoke a permit (license) to conduct business or other activities, except where such revocation occurs at the request of the permit (license holder himself/herself);
d. refusing to obtain the consent of a court or administrative authority for the election or appointment to office, or for the acquisition of a qualified shareholding or control over a person, where such consent is required; and
e. a decision to expel a person from a professional association, chamber or association.

3. In addition, proof of education and qualifications of the applicant’s manager, who actually manages the exchange office, must be provided.

All documents must be submitted to the supervisory authority in Czech.


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