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Legal Due Diligence

COREDO Company provides services for conducting legal Due Diligence of either prepared and concluded contracts or individual agreements. The Due Diligence contract procedure is an audit of the legal and corporate documents of the counterparty in order to identify possible legal and economic risks for the client, which may arise when interacting with the counterparty. Due Diligence is most widely used when buying any assets, when concluding important contracts, or in the process of acquiring, selling or absorbing an investment object, etc.

The purpose of the audit of contracts is to ensure that there are no gross violations, errors, inaccuracies or shortcomings in the documentation, as well as to minimize negative consequences and costs for the client. In addition, legal Due Diligence helps to identify the potential danger of causing tangible losses. The lack of Due Diligence can cause poor financial results, lawsuits, tax and financial audits, and other unpleasant consequences.

COREDO’s specialists will assess the legality of transactions and the likelihood of challenging them in court, as well as identify errors and shortcomings that can lead to serious consequences. Based on the results of the Due Diligence, the client will receive a lawyer’s opinion, which will contain complete and reliable information about the status of the contract. The provided conclusion will indicate all errors, inaccuracies and violations, the degree of their severity, as well as ways to optimally eliminate shortcomings and errors.

Legal Due Diligence

The legal audit of transactions is carried out by our specialists with full responsibility and guarantees that the contract will be drawn up legally correctly and competently. Our specialists provide the following services:

  • Study of the terms of contracts for their compliance with the current legislation. The specialist will draw your attention to controversial points that may lead to legal proceedings in the future;
  • Conducting a system analysis of the totality of the terms of the contract at the proper level and providing recommendations to the client on making changes or additions to individual paragraphs of the document on its basis;
  • Preparation of a draft of a new contract, taking into account the necessary changes;
  • Preparation of a protocol of disagreements drawn up in accordance with the current legislation and sending it to the counterparty;
  • Conducting legal expertise (due diligence verification) of annexes to contracts;
  • Explanation of all the subtleties of the laws governing the execution of a certain type of transactions;
  • Conducting negotiations with the client’s partners to resolve and eliminate disagreements that arose during the audit;
  •  Provision of other legal support.

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