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Legal Opinion

The Company COREDO provides services for developing a legal position on the issue raised by the client and further drafting a Legal Opinion.

Legal Opinion is a tool that allows our customers to get a qualified lawyer’s opinion on a wide range of legal issues, including transactions, licencing of financial institutions, payment systems, etc. So, before entering into a transaction, the parties may need to consider its nature and scope. By means of a Legal Opinion, the client gets the opportunity to check the transaction or other legal documents for compliance with the current legislation of the jurisdiction chosen by him and thereby timely identify potential risks. In the process of preparing a Legal Opinion, the lawyer preparing the draft will be directly involved in the process of discovering and evaluating all legal risks associated with the transaction. The conclusion will contain recommendations on changing the terms of the contract, references to specific legal norms and indications of the provisions of the contract, that may adversely affect the client.

Legal Opinion

The purpose of this activity is to study and interpret the facts for their legality or to identify potential risks that may cause legal problems for the contracting party, as well as to investigate the feasibility of applying foreign or local law.

COREDO also provides services for drawing up Legal Opinions on the activities of payment systems, companies, and financial institutions in various jurisdictions. This type of Legal Opinion is drawn up when the client wants to make sure that the activities carried out by a potential client company are legal and do not contradict the legislation of the chosen jurisdiction: the country of incorporation of the payment system, the country of the payer or the country of registration of the client company. This type of Legal Opinion is necessary for the payment system, among other things, in order to reduce potential risks that may lead to financial losses during an inspection carried out by the regulator.

The Company COREDO provides a wide range of services for its clients, taking into account their individual needs.


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