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Legal service and legal protection of business in France

Doing business in France opens up exquisite opportunities for development and entry into the international market. The country’s economy annually attracts significant foreign investment, and the local business environment is loyal to non-resident entrepreneurs. This jurisdiction is among thirty countries with the most favourable conditions for doing business. Nevertheless, businessmen, especially foreign ones, often face difficulties with the choice of business organization form and local tax policy, which forces them to seek the help of professional lawyers.


France is distinguished by a stable economy, well-developed production facilities, and fairly flexible tax laws. Investments in agricultural and mining enterprises, as well as in trade, tourism, and financial industries, are the most profitable today, according to experts. To succeed, businessmen need to understand the nuances of local legislation and accounting intricacies.


The system of taxation in France may seem complicated, and it has some notable features that differ from other Western European countries. Taxes are collected by the government and local self-government bodies, while social contributions are collected by the appropriate security fund. Notably, social taxes, such as payments and contributions to social funds, are relatively high here. Recently, there has been a growing tendency towards decentralization of tax policy and a decrease in tax rates, accompanied by an expansion of the tax base due to the abolition of certain benefits.

Tax rates in France are progressive, meaning that the amount the taxpayer must transfer to the treasury directly depends on their income level. Laws related to the introduction of new or the abolition of old taxes, as well as the nuances of their application, are approved annually by the parliament of the Republic simultaneously with the adoption of the state budget.


Foreigners planning to do business in France need to keep in mind that investing in defence enterprises, energy and water supply, transport services, telecommunications, and healthcare, requires obtaining permission from the French administration. At the same time, there is no specific term “licence” in the French legal field.


Corporations and legal entities are required to file tax returns by April 30 of the following calendar year or within three months after the end of the year if the financial year does not coincide with the calendar year. There is a penalty of 10% of the total tax bill for non-compliance or late filing of a tax return. It is possible to submit the declaration online. Accounting and calculation of the taxable resources in France, based on the established adjustments, are tightly controlled by the state.


In order not to get into an unpleasant situation because of the unawareness of the peculiarities of French law, it is worth opting for the help of COREDO lawyers. They will always help with:

  • company registration in France;
  • opening an account at a local bank;
  • any nuances of corporate law, amendments to constituent documents;
  • verification and legal analysis of the documents;
  • legal support of transactions and contracts conclusion;
  • representation of the interest of a business in courts;
  • preparation and conduct of due diligence, and more.

All services are provided by experienced, highly qualified lawyers who thoroughly understand the peculiarities of the French legal system.


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