CONTRACTS: Drafting and verification- COREDO


Drawing up a contract is a procedure which requires not only the professional knowledge of a lawyer, but also his experience. Legally competent contract drafting can help prevent most disputes between the contractual parties which may arise due to existing errors, shortcomings and conflicts in the contracts.

It is very important to fully settle legal relations between the parties within the contract, which allows not only for baseline harmonization, but also for the prediction of possible negative consequences for the parties, as well as for the search for ways to peacefully resolve a possible dispute.


COREDO specialists have not only professional legal knowledge but also extensive practice in drafting legal documents. We can help you in the following areas:

  • Drafting contracts and their projects (drafts);
  • Legal support of transactions;
  • Assessment of the counterparty’s reliability;
  • Development of contracts (preparation of a draft of the contract) for a specific transaction, including the development of a transaction scheme that allows achieving the necessary economic result with minimal risks;
  • Risk analysis of the contract and an assessment of its compliance with the current legislation.

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