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Extension of SPI's financial licence to NPI in Poland

Cost from 180 000 EUR

NPI is a national payment institution that can provide a full range of payment services. Unlike an SPI (small payment institution), an NPI registered in Poland can operate throughout the European Union without the need for additional licensing. Accordingly, the extension of the SPI licence to NPI allows to significantly expand the scope of activities and increase the number of services provided. Licensing of financial institutions in Poland is handled by the Financial Supervision Authority (KNF).


Business features and benefits of an NPI licence

As mentioned above, NPI can provide payment services throughout the EU, so its activities are more strictly regulated. But the possibilities of the national payment institution are also broader. Among them we can mention:

  • wider range of services provided;
  • absence of statutory limits on transactions;
  • absence of restrictions on the amount of funds stored on the client’s account.

It is possible to expand the capabilities of a small payment institution by applying for an NPI licence both immediately after its registration/purchase and in the course of its operation. In accordance with legal requirements, SPIs are obliged to apply for an NPI licence as soon as their transaction limits exceed EUR 1,500,000 per month. The filing period is 30 days. The SPI can then immediately operate as an NPI without waiting for formal confirmation of the updated status throughout the application process and beyond.

Our services and their cost

COREDO employees will take care of all troubles related to obtaining an NPI licence for a small payment organisation. The cost of such services starts from 180 000 EUR and depends on a number of factors, including the business plan provided by the client and the ultimate beneficiaries of the company. Approval of SPI licence extension to NPI usually takes between 3 months and 1 year.

Our services and their cost

Requirements for obtaining an NPI licence

To obtain a national payment institution licence, a company must meet the following requirements:

  • confirm the existence of a minimum share capital of between EUR 20,000 and EUR 125,000 (depending on the scope of services provided);
  • the management board must consist of at least two members with relevant education, clean criminal history and no official ties with Russia or Belarus;
  • the residency of the board members is irrelevant, but at least 50 per cent of them must speak Polish.
Requirements for obtaining an NPI licence

List of services that NPI can provide

A national payment institution is authorised to provide a wider range of services than an SPI. This list includes:

  • cash acceptance and withdrawals, operations necessary to maintain customer accounts;
  • direct debits;
  • transfers using payment cards and other instruments;
  • payment on credit;
  • money transfers;
  • issuance of payment instruments;
  • acquiring;
  • payment initiation;
  • account information services.

In addition, NPIs may also offer services such as currency exchange, payment system support and others.

Required documents

To extend the SPI licence to NPI, the applicant company needs to collect a package of documents including:

  • a business and financial plan for at least three years of activity;
  • proof of possession of funds listed as “own funds”, indicating specific amounts and their origin;
  • a description of the company’s risk management and control procedures;
  • rules of behaviour within the company;
  • rules for handling complaints from customers;
  • personal details of the company’s board members and shareholders.

If necessary, the regulator may request additional documents related to the company’s activities and management. In such a case, the term of NPI licence application review will increase.

COREDO employees will provide all the necessary assistance in collecting and preparing documents for the licence of the national payment institution and will accompany you throughout the licensing process in KNF until you receive the result.


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