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Company registration in Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is a microstate, situated in the southern part of Europe. Despite its compact size, Monaco stands as one of the world’s foremost financial centres, many successful businessmen are looking to reside and work in this prestigious jurisdiction.

The foundation of the local economy, considered stable and developed, is the service sector. A majority of Monaco’s workforce is engaged in key industries, including tourism, gambling (casinos), construction, the financial sector, pharmaceutical and electronic industries, and trade. Foreign investment is welcomed in the country, yet, for a non-resident to have the opportunity to register a company here, approval from the authorities (Direction de l’Expansion Economique) is imperative, along with agreement on the type of activity.


While the process of registering a new business requires complying with strict requirements, Monaco remains a very popular and prestigious jurisdiction among foreign entrepreneurs. Some of its notable advantages include:

  • Economic and political stability in the country;
  • Ease of access to the markets of the European Union;
  • Reliability of the banking sector;
  • The flexibility of the tax system and favourable tax climate;
  • Absence of taxes on real estate, inheritance, and capital gains;
  • Excellent living conditions.


After obtaining approval from governmental authorities to conduct business in Monaco, an investor can initiate the company registration process in one of the following legal forms:

  • SAM — a corporation or joint stock company. Suitable for insurance, commercial, and financial activities. It requires a minimum of two shareholders for establishment. The minimum authorised capital is 150,000 euros.
  • SARL is a limited liability company. A popular choice, suitable for medium-sized businesses. It requires two founders and a minimum authorised capital of EUR 1,500.
  • SNC and SCS are general and limited partnerships. Established by at least two partners, these partnerships differ in the degree of liability for the company’s obligations and debts.
  • Trust. In Monaco, a trust is not a legal entity and can only be established by residents of the country.
  • Foundation — a trust company. It is a legal entity with features of both a trust and a company. It may be established by nationals or individuals residing in Monaco for more than a year.

Additionally, it is possible to open a branch or representative office of a foreign company in Monaco, but this requires providing a financial statement of the main company for at least three years, establishing an office in the country, and appointing a local manager.


All documents required for company registration must be notarised by a local notary. Founders will need a local address within the principality and an account with a local bank, where the entire authorised capital must be deposited in advance. The document package should also include a notarised confirmation from the bank regarding the availability of the required sum.

The company registration process takes from 2 weeks to a month. Following the review of the application and approval for the establishment of the new enterprise, information about the company, along with its charter, and constituent documents, is published in the official journal of the Principality, Journal de Monaco.

Establishing a business in Monaco is a favourable and prospective decision. To ensure a smooth registration process, feel free to contact COREDO — our specialists will provide a comprehensive range of professional support services and offer the necessary legal consultation.


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