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Company registration in Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein holds a notable reputation as a significant and reliable financial centre in Europe. Interestingly, the current number of registered companies in the principality surpasses its actual population.



This jurisdiction attracts international investors due to its favourable geographical location and a range of other significant benefits. Noteworthy advantages include:

  • Stability of the state’s economy and political environment.
  • Efficiency of the banking system.
  • Favourable tax climate and flexibility in the taxation system.
  • Legislative loyalty to non-resident businessmen in the country.
  • Absence of currency control.
  • Simplicity of a new company registration, with short processing timeframe.
  • Easy access to the markets of Europe and Switzerland.


In recent decades, Liechtenstein has strategically focused on developing its financial sector, which currently contributes approximately 30% to the GDP, establishing it as the second most important sector in the country. The manufacturing industry, particularly precision instrumentation and mechanical engineering, holds the primary position in the state’s economy. Liechtenstein is recognised as an appealing jurisdiction for international property structuring, the establishment of funds and trusts for asset management, stock transactions, and conducting insurance businesses. The state actively supports diverse innovative projects, welcoming investments in the crypto industry and blockchain technologies.

Often referred to as a premium offshore destination, Liechtenstein is alternatively categorised by some as a “mid-shore” – a low-tax jurisdiction. Despite this, all companies operating within the country are required to undergo an annual audit and submit comprehensive tax reports.


Typically, the process of registering a new company in Liechtenstein takes no more than two weeks. Entrepreneurs can choose one of the following organisational and legal forms of business:

  • Private limited liability company (GmbH or LLC). Suitable for both commercial and non-profit activities, requiring a minimum of one resident director and one shareholder.
  • Public limited company (AG). A popular choice for various commercial activities, especially when a company seeks a solid reputation. To establish an AG, you need at least one resident director, a local registered office, and the appointment of an auditor.
  • Anstalt. A unique legal structure with trust management, combining the characteristics of an LLC and a foundation. Used for various business types. It requires a board of directors, a minimum capital of at least 30 thousand euros, and an annual audit.
  • Stiftung or Foundation. Applicable as a holding company and suitable for charitable purposes, though not intended for commercial use. Owner information is confidential, and the council must include at least one resident.
  • Trust. Established through a trust agreement, it is ideal for protecting and preserving assets, allowing the transfer of business into trust use to third parties.


Regardless of the nature of business activity or the scale of income, a company in Liechtenstein will definitely need to open a corporate account with a local bank. Complying with local corporate law, the company’s capital must be deposited before commencing the registration procedures. To establish a legal entity, you’ll need a German-language application, details about the board members, a charter prepared and notarised, along with other requisite documents. The physical presence of the company founder is not required.

Liechtenstein imposes a corporate income tax rate of 12.5%, marking it as one of the lowest rates in Europe. This tax obligation applies to all companies operating within the country.

COREDO specialists boast extensive experience in registering diverse companies in Liechtenstein. We will help to expedite this process, ensuring accurate completion of all necessary documentation, trademark registration, or licence acquisition.


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