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Protection of domain names


Sometimes entrepreneurs encounter some problems and legal issues with their domain name protection. First, we need to explain what a domain is. A domain name helps you find a website as it is basically a physical address but on the Internet.

There are two parts of the domain name to differentiate. When it comes to COREDO’s website, our first domain’s part “coredo” refers to our company. The second part “.cz” tells users that we are situated in the Czech Republic.

Names of domains are viewed as valuable property and due to that often become a subject for disputes when stolen. Besides that, the issue of the domain name can be connected to domestic regulation, international law, or trademark principles.

Do you also need to resolve the problem of a stolen domain name? Specialists from COREDO will help you do that.

The connection between TMs and domain names

Mostly, problems with domains happen due to their connection to trademarks and their protection. Consumers identify goods and services by the provider’s name or symbol. This is essentially a trademark. However, a domain can violate an existing trademark or even become a company’s trademark. Consequently, to protect TM owners some regulations have been issued. To illustrate, in order to fight cybersquatting activity against legal entities or individuals, the Consumer Protection Act was presented.

Disputes – international and domestic

To fight cybersquatting with the Consumer Protection Act and challenge a domain name’s rights, a party has to sue. Yet it needs to be noted: such trial process can be quite money and time-consuming while not profiting with enough benefits for covering the costs.

So what can be an alternative? To challenge the domain companies can request assistance from the Domain Name and IP Address Corporation (ICANN). This organization’s duty is to maintain and coordinate unique Internet IDs. Importantly, ICANN implements the Unified Dispute Resolution Policy (UDPR). This approach applies similar solutions for combating cybersquatting as in the Law on the Protection of Consumers.

Remember: it is cheaper and faster to resolve domain protection issues via ICANN.

If you need assistance with solving domain name protection problems, the best solution is to contact COREDO. As this type of issue can take more time and expenses, a professional consultation can truly help you save both time and money. Moreover, the knowledgeable approach will help you avoid any errors while solving these legal issues.


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