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COREDO – Your Direct Partner for Cryptocurrencies in the Czech Republic


We are being approached by more and more clients who have bought/established a crypto-company in the Czech Republic but are not sure what all activities this company can perform or are not sure how to run their business in a way that does not violate the law.

Cooperation with COREDO eliminates these concerns. COREDO is headquartered in the Czech Republic, has a wide client base from all over the world, and most importantly has experienced staff that handles various situations related to the cryptocurrency business on a daily basis.

Information on how we work

  1. Already, during the registration of crypto-companies, we address whether the client also needs other authorisations for so-called accompanying services. That means that we deal with the individual business models of our clients. This approach is a good prevention against unauthorised provision of services (e.g. payment or investment services).

How to protect your business from chargeback claims

  1. We provide the option of renting an office that will not be treated as a virtual office – this can make all the difference when opening a bank account.
  1. We have a wide network of banking partners who are willing to open a bank account for our clients (not a payment account or e-wallet).
  1. Clients can make any changes within their crypto-company and deal with authorities or partners (contractual negotiations) through us. Their presence in the Czech Republic is thus not a condition for running their businesses.
  1. We enable comprehensive servicing of crypto companies, including AML, accounting, whistleblowing, data protection, preparation of contractual documents, etc.
  1. It doesn’t end with the sale/registration of the company for us. If you buy a crypto company directly from us, we will give you priority service when you contact us later with any problem or question.

We have published articles on cryptocurrency companies in the past that may help you find answers to your most common questions. Cryptocurrencies have long been an area of interest for us.

At COREDO, we also already know that no problem is so big that it can’t be solved! Your success is our priority.




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