Opening a bank account in Kazakhstan

The banking system of Kazakhstan provides a wide range of financial services and a high level of service for non-residents who want to open a corporate account in this jurisdiction. Every year, the government develops programs that help improve the rating of financial institutions, as well as increase the stability and sustainability of local banks.


The advantages of opening a bank account in Kazakhstan are:

  • It is possible to open an account in Kazakhstan remotely.
  • Developed system of Internet and Mobile Banking.
  • Package of documents for account opening in Kazakhstan is regulated.
  • Low rate of refusal in opening an account for non-resident in Kazakhstan.
  • English speaking staff.
  • The country has signed DTAs with more than 50 countries.

Documents required for opening a bank account in Kazakhstan

  • Statutory and corporate documents of the company.
  • IDs of all involved persons.
  • Proof of address of all persons involved in the company.

Other documents not mentioned in the list may be requested depending on the bank.


Requirements for opening a bank account in Kazakhstan

  • Documents must be accompanied by an apostille stamp, as Kazakhstan has ratified the Hague Convention. Legalization of documents is required when such documents are issued in a jurisdiction, which is not on the list of countries acceded to the Hague Convention. In other cases, consular legalization is required for certification of documents.
  • In case an applicant for opening a corporate account in a bank of Kazakhstan does not have tax residency status, he must apply for BIN (Business Identity number). With BIN he will be able to open an account in Kazakhstan remotely.


Procedure for opening a bank account in Kazakhstan

  • Providing you with advice on how to open a bank account in Kazakhstan.
  • Preparation of documents for account opening.
  • COREDO acts for you in banks of Kazakhstan for bank account opening.

COREDO specialists will provide you with detailed advice on regulation of banking activities in Kazakhstan and help you choose a bank to open an account in this jurisdiction.