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Opening a bank account in the Republic of Belarus is a great solution for business today. The country has a balanced policy, which ensures the inflow of capital and economic growth, thanks to the National Bank, which acts as the main financial regulator.

The banking and financial sector in the Republic is actively developing. A characteristic feature
of Belarusian banks is their loyal customer policy – they willingly open accounts for non-residents, British partnerships, companies registered in Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, etc.

Foreign persons can open an account in the bank in Belarus in the following currencies: USD, RUB, EUR, BYN.

Opening a personal or corporate account in the Belarusian bank is accompanied by a number of indisputable advantages compared to banks in other countries:

  • Available to non-residents.
  • Modern online banking services.
  • Availability of English-speaking staff.
  • Opening accounts for companies with a variety of activities.
  • Relatively fast application process.

Documents for opening a bank account in Belarus

  1. Documents confirming identity of account holders.
  2. Articles of incorporation and corporate documents of the company.
  3. Document confirming the registration addresses of all persons involved.
  4. A power of attorney for us to open a bank account for a non-resident legal entity.

Depending on the bank where the account is opened, other documents not mentioned in the list may also be required.


Requirements for bank account opening in Belarus

Personal presence is often required for account opening.

The procedure for opening a bank account in Belarus

  • advice on how to open a bank account in Belarus,
  • documents preparation for account opening,
  • representation of your interests in banks of the Republic of Belarus for bank account opening by COREDO.

Opening a bank account in Belarus will be much easier if you ask for help from professionals. Contact our specialists for more information.



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