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What is the Big Change in Texas’ Crypto Industry: Tax-free Crypto Purchases

Updated: 10.03.2023

Cryptocurrency Taxes

Most cryptocurrencies are convertible digital currencies, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They can therefore be used in place of real money and serve as a trading instrument, a reserve of worth, an account denomination, and a valuation unit.

Additionally, it implies that any earnings or revenue derived from your cryptocurrencies are taxed. But, there is a lot to understand about how virtual currency is taxed because, depending on the circumstances, you might or might not owe taxes.

Knowing when you will be taxed is crucial when you possess or use cryptocurrencies so that you are not taken aback when the IRS arrives to collect your taxes.

Some points to ponder on this subject are the following:

  • Similar to selling a stock in a company, if you make money selling bitcoin, you must incur capital gains taxes on that earnings.
  • You must pay taxes on the distinction between what you paid for the cryptocurrency and its valuation at the moment you used it if you used it to spend on products or services.
  • You must declare bitcoin revenue if you acquire it in exchange for products or services.
  • The worth of your cryptocurrency at the moment it was generated counts as revenue if you mine cryptocurrencies.

In General, When Is Cryptocurrency Taxed?

You do not need to pay taxes to own a cryptocurrency; they are tax-free on their own. For taxation reasons, the IRS views cryptocurrency as ownership, which implies:

  • If you trade in or use bitcoin in a transaction, you must pay taxes. This is due to the fact that if its market price has changed, you will incur capital profits or losses.
  • Cryptocurrency payments made for business purposes are subject to taxation as business revenue.

All the above information is general, but let us take Texas as a specific case.

How Texas handles Crypto Taxes

The Texas legislature just needs to meet in odd-numbered years, so the political representatives really have to take immediate action before the potential to take the initiative is lost.

What is the Big Change in Texas’ Crypto IndustryA proposed bill before the Texas legislature calls for “a master plan for the expansion of the blockchain industry,” which could turn the state into the nation’s cryptocurrency capital by having to introduce tax-free purchasing with bitcoin, amongst many other proposed changes.

Notwithstanding the bill’s uninspired label, it has innovative and intriguing concepts for virtual currencies. The legislature might come up with something slightly more catchy the next time around than “Relating to the founding of a workgroup on blockchain concerns concerning this state.”

Putting aside the jargon of the government, Carla Reyes, an assistant professor of law at SMU Dedman School of Law, presided over the working group and produced some insightful ideas. The study, which offered innovative and exciting suggestions for digital assets, was delivered to the legislature in November.

Texas residents will reap the rewards of a state setting the pace in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries if the suggestions are implemented during this legislative session. The elected officials must act fast to seize the initiative before it is lost because the Texas legislature only meets in odd-numbered years.

Texas Sales Tax Holiday

A two-year retail sales tax break would be granted for bitcoin purchases received at the point of sale. Everyone likes to save money when they purchase, so this would encourage both customers and retailers to look into digital currencies and set up the appropriate equipment.

Texas businesses that are planning strategically are advancing right now rather than waiting to potentially save money on sales taxes. Since August 2022, the NFL football franchise Houston Texans has accepted cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others as payment for single-game box suites. The Texans are collaborating with a digital banking partner so that they may instantly convert cryptocurrency payments into dollars, but they are not immediately hanging this onto digital assets.

Perhaps businesses would be encouraged to keep onto the bitcoin and use it for their product specifications if Texas did implement the sales tax holiday. This could be the impetus cryptocurrency requires to take off and become a widely used payment method.

Bitcoin as a State Investment In Texas

The group of experts advocated allowing the state of Texas to make direct bitcoin investments to continue the concept of incorporating bitcoin with the state’s payment activities.

Innovatively allowing Texas to retain bitcoin on its balance sheet and using that bitcoin for payments would probably continue to encourage the growth of the state’s virtual currency infrastructures.

Government Mining of Bitcoin

In 2022, three sponsored Ant Miner S9 bitcoin mining rigs were given to the City of Fort Worth Information Technology Department, and the city launched a pilot program. The three machines were upgraded over the year by more potent and energy-efficient Ant Miner S19 units as the effort became significant enough. Carlo Capua, the city’s director of strategy and development, suggested that mining operations continue at the municipal level. Capua did point out that the program was a chance to learn more about the implications and prospects of mining rather than an opportunity for day trading or investing in bitcoin. Due to their endeavour, the working group may have learned more about the possible benefits of bitcoin mining and the energy industry.

Texas’ Tax Incentives for Bitcoin Mining

The suggestions have included a tax break on natural gas that has historically been flared and will be utilised to mine bitcoins as well as a tax break on the sale of energy to significant flexible demands like bitcoin miners.

This win-win proposed solution keeps changing the tax benefits from flaring gas to consuming gas when that gas may be utilised on-site and, therefore, will introduce employment and economic activity to country areas of Texas. The severance tax exemption claims to support an ecologically responsible transformation from flaring gas to using gas on-site in a generation system.

Electricity government subsidies are meant to be a component of the plan for building a robust and resilient system. The suggestion is for the miners to cooperate with ERCOT, which manages the electrical grid in Texas, using a manageable or easily countered load methodology.

Education system of Blockchain in Texas

The Texas Work Group additionally suggested creating a manpower programme that will also help students learn technical knowledge of connectivity, hardware, software, electronic systems, and heating and cooling requirements to equip them to contribute to the expanding bitcoin mining environment.

Texas State Technical College has adopted the workforce program, which plans to have its first genesis class in Q1 2023. The University of Texas A&M has also stepped up to offer a course called “The Bitcoin Protocol” in its 2023 spring semester, focusing more on programming than mining.

The State Of Texas’ Future

Texas is establishing a precedent in the market for digital assets and has no plans to back down. The state’s population will significantly benefit from the sector’s accelerated advancement due to its wide-ranging effects.

It is important to congratulate the tireless contributions of Senator Angela Paxton, Senator Tan Parker, and Congressman Giovanni Capriglione in passing House Bill 1576 and forming a Study Group to figure out how Texas can lead in this regard. As they attempt to get every one of the twenty-five proposals accepted during the current Texas legislature session, Texans and the rest of the world will be monitoring.



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