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Subscription-Based Management Service

There is currently a very high demand for the services of consulting firms, both among companies and individuals. Such firms make sure to engage in virtually every legal activity that their customers may require. Some organizations opt for a one-time advice, while others need continuous support in their day-to-day operation. In the latter case, the management of such companies should better establish a long-term partnership universally referred to as a subscription-based service agreement. Our company has also successfully put this cooperation plan in place.

Entering a subscription-based service agreement for a specific period of time, allows contacting specialists for professional help at any convenient time. In that case, the key advisor not only provides consultation, but is also responsible for the follow-up support of their customer’s business, which plays a great role for a company in the making.

Key advantages of a subscription-based service plan

  • A prompt and sensible advice from a specialist will in many cases stave off adversary events in business or its closure.
  • Reduction of labor expenses since a service plan is usually much cheaper than the cumulative salary of relevant in-house staff.
  • There is no need to rent additional space or provide employee benefits, which also has a positive effect on the company’s bottom line.
  • High-quality service.

Types of management and advisory services

  • Legal protection and representation of customers’ interests at public authorities.
  • Provision of consultations to customers in preferred form (either verbally or in writing) on any legal matters; clarification of applicable legislation.
  • Preparation of document packages, contracts, legal opinions.
  • Assistance in contract negotiations and conclusion.
  • Limited hiring of personnel and company’s office management.
  • Full-charge bookkeeping.
  • Help in dealing with banks.
  • AML advice.

When entering the subscription-based service agreement, the parties must clearly agree on the scope of works to be delivered and the associated monthly fee.

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