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HR Services

HR services are considered a guaranteed way of preventing numerous mistakes, misjudgments and blunders when it comes to the management of HR records and supporting documentation.

Our professional services will ensure compliance with all requirements of the Labor Code in respect to the interests of both employees and employers, as well as help you develop and optimize the HR policy within your organization.

Key advantages of professional HR services:

  • Significant reduction of associated risks, minimization of possible adverse implications of inspections by regulating agencies;
  • Prevention of conflict scenarios of the settlement of issues with employees concerning the applicable labor legislation;
  • Aligning all HR documents with the existing requirements of the Labor Code;
  • Optimization of records management, reduction in expenditures on workforce policy and partial release of company’s internal resources to direct them at other challenges.

Essential HR consulting services for all kinds of customers:

  • Continuous HR support (subscription-based services) – information support, advice and prompt assistance in dealing with different aspects of HR records and documents management;
  • HR records management– problem solving, taking on all or some of the functions traditionally performed by internal HR units;
  • Setting up HR records management– building of an HR policy from a scratch, establishment and systemization of future document workflow;
  • Recovery of HR documentation– timely help with recovering lost or damaged documents, development and optimization of the workflow system in general;
  • Labor market analysis– preparation of reports on the current trends in the labor market, assessment of HR opportunities, acquisition of data on realistic salaries for management and professional positions;
  • HR records audit– inspection of all HR records, identification of errors and misalignments with the Labor Code, detection of breaches in internal regulatory documents with regards to the management and storage of HR records;
  • Talent search– talent acquisition for the company based on set criteria, including key management positions, executives and leading specialists;
  • Evaluation of and background checks for available candidates for specified positions;
  • Employee payroll– our specialists will carry out the audit of employee payroll and check all documents related to wages paid out within the company to employees in all positions;
  • Expert examination and development of HR documents– setting up of the company’s archive and filling it with relevant records, search for missing HR documents and recovery of the lost ones.

Once you have signed a subscription-based HR services agreement, you will be able to take advantage of professional services for a long period of time.

Guaranteed transparency of every transaction

An external auditor will take charge of the legal support of operations and resolution of key issues. Right before signing the agreement, the parties agree on the scope of works, list of services and the monthly fee.

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