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Professional legal support for cryptocurrency business

Are you the owner of a startup or a stable business in cryptocurrency industry? Are you looking for new tools to improve your business and make it more sustainable?

COREDO has been cooperating with numerous companies representing the industry in different countries of the world for more than 5 years. A team of professionals will find the perfect solution based on the needs of individual clients.

COREDO team will take care of all administrative tasks: from the initial approval of the project to obtaining of the final product.

COREDO will do its best to take into account your wishes and provide the perfect solution!

Key clients to take interest in COREDO solutions are representatives of the following industries:

1. Cryptocurrency exchanges.
2. Online cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
3. ICO projects.
4. Cryptocurrency merchants.

We offers the following solutions for your cryptocurrency business:

1. Internet Acquiring – an effective solution for making online payments suitable both for startups and successful businesses in cryptocurrency industry. Start accepting online payments with an optimal and ready-to-implement product that will meet the growing needs of your business.

2. Legal opinion – preparing a legal opinion on various issues for almost all countries. COREDO lawyers are experts in corporate, tax, intellectual property and banking law.

You may be interested in the following lines of business:

– Conclusions on various transactions (M&A, Joint Venture), including assessment of the transaction tax risks.

– Conclusions to fulfill Visa and Mastercard requirements.

– Conclusions for placing a token on a cryptocurrency exchange.

– Conclusions for a bank.

– Conclusions for the acquirer (processor).

To find out more about the conditions and procedure of cooperation, please contact our experts. During the day, you will get advice from our professionals and receive a possible action plan for your business.

How can we help you?

Visit our office and make a request in person, or contact us using the information below.